IMPORTANT: You MUST have two DMK Enzyme Treatments prior to beginning any DMK MD treatment.


Navigates even deeper into high-level concepts regarding epidermal stem cells, the skin’s microbiome and advanced methods for revising more severe skin conditions.


StemZyme aids in the process of adult epidermal stem cell renewal. It also prevents inflammation, reduces oxidant radical damage, strengthens immunity and improves blood supply to the skin. As a result of your treatment, your skin will be firmer, bouncier, more turgid, plumper, look younger, and have more even tone.


* StemZyme is a 50 day protocol combining 5 DMK treatments and a Home Prescriptive regimen.

DMK MD Remodeling Peel

Remodel, Reconstruct and Rebuild

These treatments are designed to change the architecture of the skin. We remodel all the abnormal processes that have developed as a result of damage. Then, we reconstruct or return the skin to its normal healthy condition.

This treatment includes a two day peel, plus two "lift off" days. "Lift off" days help to remove the dead skin from the exfoliation process.


Alkaline Resurfacing Treatment

This unique treatment turns the skin's natural slightly acidic pH to an alkaline state in order to increase the skin's response to treatments and products. It works to swell, soften and dissolve unwanted dead skin cells that cause hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, scars and acne. It can also be used to remove milia and revise rosacea.


MD Body Alkaline Treatment

The Alkaline treatment is an advanced method that delivers results in record
time. It is great for acne, pigmentation, scars, and stretch marks.

Starting at $200 per area – 1.5 hours

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Cryo Pro-X

Gel that utilizes thermal homeostasis to exfoliate. This process removes the top layer of dead skin cells from the face, while protecting the healthy living cells beneath. It is great for skin experiencing dermatitis, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Add this service to your session to complement any DMK MD treatment.

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